International Language Teacher Education Conference

ILTERG (INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE TEACHER EDUCATION RESEARCH GROUP) Gazi University, with the faculty support from Boğaziçi University, Pomeranian University and Evora University, are pleased to announce the International Language Teacher Education Conference (ILTERG Conference hereafter) to be held from 08-10 April, 2019 in Antalya, TURKEY.

ILTERG Conference aims to bring together language teacher educators from all over the world who work in many different contexts to maximize opportunities for exchange and networking.

One of the main priorities of ILTERG Conference is to bring together research, theory, and best practices from all contexts of language teacher education. The conference also aims to contribute to English language teaching.

To this end, the conference program has been organized around two key themes: Language Teacher Education and English Language Teaching.

The ILTERG Conference will be funded by ILTERG Project (funded by the Turkish National Agency and Erasmus +) and therefore no conference fee will be taken for the first 50 international participants and first 150 participants from Turkey.

The ILTERG Conference covers the new criteria for YÖK Academic Incentive Regulation. The Conference will provide attendance of researchers from several EU countries, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Greece and non-EU countries such as Iran, Ukraine, Azarbaijan and more.